Agriculture's front door - amalfi, italy

January 9, 2018 / By Anthony J. Carro

I started super early on a crisp, dare I say frigid morning high in the Lattari mountains of Campagna. It was late October and the hilltop town of Ravello was just beginning to awaken with a smell that for me has become synonomous with the early morning chill, still tired eyes and sore legs. Capuccino, freshly baked neopolitan cornetto and pastries weaved through the narrow lanes and cobblestone paths. After consuming an entire days calorie count, I packed the last of my camera gear and mounted my pack. I was going as light as possible and started on a very special trail. I started early (while the weather was still cool) because the rumors I heard about the Vallone dei Mulini (Valley of Mills) and, the final stage of the walk, takes visitors past a number of water powered mills which once the produced Amalfi's famous paper. I heard that some sections were arduous. Thirty minutes in and countless steps later, those terrible rumors proved evident. s ThAt the tail end of a long walk down from the heights of sparkling Ravello, through the ancient lemon groves, lush forest, rushing water falls and long abondoned paper mills, nestled warmly in the side of the hill is one of my finest discoveries. Agricole Fore Porta (Agriculture's Front Door) Read More...

The terrace is idyllic settle, typical of a southern Italy country villa.

The terrace is idyllic settle, typical of a southern Italy country villa.

Overlooking the Salerno Gulf (Nocelle)

I accidentally found Agricola Fore Porta. Daughter Silvia and mother Mena team up to offer delicious home made snacks and refreshing drinks using their local produce, in a rustic, authentic setting.

Mena's generosity and Silvia's friendly smile and welcoming spirit made me want to pass on the same to those people I passed on the trail to coastal Amalfi.

I hope to visit again soon with guests of my travel co. Sojourn Italy.

I was excited to begin a unique hike to the top of a precipice where the ruins of a medieval castle quietly sit, patiently rotting into the future.

Water bottle, GoPro, Canon with L-Series wide angle lens, and my newly broken in Midori Travelers Notebook (Passport Size). This was all I had and as it turns out, it's all I needed.

From this vantage point, I could see the wide expanse of the Sarca Valley to the north, the great fjord of Lago di Garda to the south and the cloud-hidden heights of the Monte Baldo range to the South East.

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I rested, sketching the wondrous valley, trying to imagine a time when after the last ice age this very same lush green valley, so full of modern life, was submerged in the same alpine waters of the lake.

I added a few more important notes about this hike to my journey itinerary. As I started my descent, I felt grateful having experienced such timeless beauty. Along the downhill trail, I gently tucked a few wildflowers between the pages of my notebook, to bring my daughters when I arrive back home.

Drying figs in the southern Italy sun!

Drying figs in the southern Italy sun!

Drying tomatoes in the sun basked terraced gardens.

Drying tomatoes in the sun basked terraced gardens.

Southern Italy.jpg

Southern Italy

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