A sweet Roman tradition: Maritozzi!⁣

March 28, 2019 / By Anthony J. Carro

Is it time for desert? Read on friends…⁣

If you’re ever in Rome, I beg you to try this sweet Roman tradition - Maritozzi!⁣

I had a maritozzo for the first time in Rome last year. I tried it in a little café with a small cup of intense espresso. Please, try to taste this with your imagination; this is not just an airy bun filled with spices, carrying the aroma of perfumed lemon but a sticky, mini cake filled with fluffy and sweet whipped cream that simply melts in your mouth. Can you taste it? ⁣

The word maritozzo, from “marito” in Italian means “husband”. It’s said that in the Middle Ages this sweet bun was offered by husbands-to-be to their future wives on Valentine’s Day and often hid a small golden object or ring! The bun was also a treat Catholics would indulge in after a long Lent. Isn’t history cool?

Photo Credit: @sicilianicreativi

Photo Credit: @sicilianicreativi

Photo Credit: @sicilianicreativi

Photo Credit: @sister_love67

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