Spectacular lake region, rugged Italian Alps and historic Verona.

Duration Options: 6 - 12 Nights Available: May through October, Request | Price: From $1,856 + air (2 to 8 guests or make private)

Oh the sites we'll see...

Adventure your way through Italy's lake region and the many unique villages of Lake Garda. Towering mountains and pristine alpine waters will lead you further north to Bolzano - home to the spellbinding Italian Alps. Near the Austrian Italian border you'll visit an unspoiled natural paradise, before heading to Verona. There you’ll soak in the history of Italy, visit ancient sites and feast on local bread, cheese, olives and wines.

An epic adventure!

- Medieval castles, natural thermal pools and secluded beaches in the lakeside villages surrounding Lake Garda (Italy's largest and most impressive lake).

- Breathtaking vantage points, paragliding and canyoning adventures (optional) in Malcesine & Torbole.

- Visit a 4th generation wine producer in the valley of Valpolicella. Walk the vineyards, explore the cellars and learn about the ancient Appassimento method used to create the Amarone vintage (a dry red wine made by drying grapes for up to 6 months). Eat traditional, regional dishes like Risotto Amarone prepared by the vineyard's family members.

Each day introduced you to a new part of Italy - one you’d never experienced before. From hand-picked restaurants and views that render you speechless, there wasn’t a moment that I felt out of place or time.
— Chava V. New York City

- Walk past stone spires, through flower beds in hidden meadows and experience authentic Austrian-Italian cuisine at a family run mountain hut (rifugi) in the majestic Italian Alps.

- Traverse the fertile, volcanic hills of Veneto on horseback. Ride at your pace until reaching the hilltop vineyard of Soave (a white grape variety grown from this region's rich, volcanic soil). Taste several vintages and learn about this special wine before returning via horseback with the sun setting in the distance. 

- Historic discoveries, architectural styles and regional delights in Verona.

All itineraries are fully customizable and may or may not include all items listed above.

The people I met, the food I tasted, the culture I immersed myself in every day, and the beautiful places I got to visit, all made me feel like I was returning home a new person.
— S. Williams Monroe Township, NJ

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