Crystal rivers, rolling plains, ancient cuisine and soaring peaks.

Duration Options: 6 - 12 Nights Available: May, Jun, Sep, Oct, Request Price: From $1,856 + air (2 to 8 guests or private)

Close up and personal with one of Italy’s most wildly beautiful regions.

The region of Abruzzo is very special. Personally, I fell in love with her green hills, jagged peaks, rustic cuisine and kind locals on my very first visit. These days, I’m longing to return but most of all, I want to show you this surprising, quiet corner of Italy.

Abruzzese Experiences:

- Explore the ancient ruins of a fortified castle high up in the hills of Calascio.

- Discover the essence of Abruzzese rustic cuisine with a visit to Navelli, renowned for its local saffron production. 

- Paddle the gentle, crystal waters of River (Fiume) Tirino. Experience Italy’s purest river, and learn about its unique fauna and flora (not to be missed!)

- Visit one of the regions greatest, multi-generational wine producers of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo - a world famous red wine made from the Montepulciano grape. Taste the subtle variations of the many vintages.

Visiting one of the Trabucco (fisherman hut) for a sunset dinner on the Adriatic is something you’ll never forget.
— Anthony J. Carro, Sojourn

- Walk through the peaceful, high altitude meadows of Gran Sasso National Park (walks and hikes for all physical abilities are available).

- Visit the tiny medieval village of Santo Stefano. Wander the quiet hilltop town and explore its many ancient ruined buildings. Shop the inhabitants many housemade crafts and unique artistry.

- Witness "Transumanza" from the Latin "trans (through-across), and "humes" (ground-land). Transumanza is the traditional springtime herding of cows and sheep from lowlands to higher mountain pastures.

- Visit the region’s best Agriturismo for a memorable lunch of traditional Abruzzese specialties. We’ll pair the perfect local wines with dishes cooked fresh from the attached farm.

All itineraries are fully customizable and may or may not include all items listed above.

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